Eclipse Juno toolbar problems

I have moved lately with my IDE to the newest Juno Eclipse. I do not want to write much about the whole default UI appearance in new Eclipse because enough has been written already probably. The first thing to do on new Eclipse is to change theme of Eclipse to Classic one and restart it. Then it starts to be usable and look quite good. However I still had one problem because of using Eclipse on a small notebook display.

Issue looks like this:

There is a huge waste of space in the main toolbar.

Fortunately I have found this post.

If you do not use main toolbar in Eclipse you can do the following:

  1. Go to Help > Welcome

  1. Go to Window > Show Toolbar which will magically appear there now

Unfortunately I could not find a way to keep the toolbar and remove wasted space. If you try to restore the toolbar, wasted space disappears but it will return if you restart Eclipse.


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